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Definition of Feminism

What is feminism, or even what feminisms are there? The various waves of feminism grew out of women's suffrage (the right to vote) and women's liberation movement (WLM).

"The advocacy of women's rights (political, economic, and social) on the grounds of the equality of the sexes."

As a more inclusive definition, rather than simply equality with men, "the sexes" help non-binary and some intersex people whose lives or bodies may exhibit characteristics that go beyond a simplistic sex binary.

Sex/Gender Construct

Whilst gender is regarded as a construct by most feminists, some now regard a binary sex dimorphism as non-inclusive of the full range of sex diversity. Given that surgeons seek to conform intersex bodies to societal expectations of sexual dimorphism, it is clear that sex too, like gender, can be considered a construct and is in its own way an oppression.

Types of Feminism

There are dozens of feminisms, at least 3-4 waves of feminism, and both exclusionary and intersectional inclusive feminisms. Some religious or conservative feminisms may not include lesbian or queer women, some radical feminisms may not include trans women and/or inadvertently also exclude intersex people whose bodies or identities may not fit their narrow definition of what it is to be a woman.

Not Fifty but Sixty Shades of Feminism!

  • Abolitionist Feminism
  • Amazon Feminism
  • Anarcho Feminism
  • Anti-war Feminism
  • Black Feminism
  • Chicana Feminism
  • Christian Feminism
  • Conservative Feminism
  • Cultural Feminism
  • Difference Feminism
  • Eco Feminism
  • Economic Feminism
  • Environmental Feminism
  • Equality Feminism
  • Erotic Feminism
  • Essentialist Feminism
  • Evangelical Feminism
  • Existentialist Feminism
  • Faux Feminism
  • Feminazis Feminism
  • Women of Colour Feminism
  • Fourth-world Feminism
  • French Feminism
  • Guerrilla Feminism
  • Heterosexual Feminism
  • Holistic Feminism
  • Inclusive Feminism
  • I Feminism
  • Individual Feminism
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Islamic Feminism
  • Lesbian Feminism
  • Liberal Feminism
  • Libertarian Feminism
  • Lite Feminism
  • Marxist Feminism
  • Material Feminism
  • Moderate Feminism
  • Multiracial Feminism
  • Muslim holistic Feminism
  • Next Generation Feminism
  • Pop Feminism
  • Postcolonial Feminism
  • PostFeminism
  • Postmodern Feminism
  • Poststructural Feminism
  • Psychoanalytic Feminism
  • Queer Feminism
  • Racial Feminism
  • Radical Feminism
  • Revolutionary Feminism
  • Separatist Feminism
  • Sex-Positive Feminism
  • Socialist Feminism
  • Standpoint Feminism
  • Theological Feminism
  • Third-world Feminism
  • Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism*
  • Trans Feminism
  • Womanist Feminism
* TERF, an abbreviation for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism, is considered a slur by those that espouse a biological essentialist view of the definition of woman that may exclude trans and/or intersex women

Table of Types of FeminismDownload this table of types of feminism as a pdf

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